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Fifty-Cent Macro Lens 


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Fifty-Cent Macro Lens 

Written By: Sean Lee 


Tape (1) Reading glasses (1.25 to 2.0 diopter 

from the dollar store) (1) 


I wanted to contribute video in Make: Projects, but it turned out that none of the cameras I 
had in the house were of sufficient quality to do the job. 

The camera I had hoped to use was a Kodak Zx1 , which I picked up for $45. It shoots 720p 
HD, which is perfect for web demo videos. 

The problem was that the minimum focal range of the camera was 100cm -- a full meter! 
Certainly not close enough to show the simple circuits I was trying to display. 

So - I was shopping for a better camera when my wife said "Why don't you do this?" And 
here are the results. 

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Fifty-Cent Macro Lens 

Step 1 — Fifty-Cent Macro Lens 


^^H ^^ 

*$ l ~ ^SL. 


• Go to the dollar store and buy some reading glasses. I tried diopters of 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, and 
2.0. The 2.0 worked best for my camera. 

• Pop a lens out of the glasses. 

• Tape it to the camera. 

• Enjoy making close-up video! 

Step 2 

• Not really a step, but this is the 
video quality before modification 
(camera is 18 inches from subject). 

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Fifty-Cent Macro Lens 

Step 3 

• Here's the video quality after 

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